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I’m an art student majoring photography in Melbourne, Victoria. I created this site as a major assessment for my unit, Advanced Digital Imaging. This site aim to create online identity and develop the ideas of it. I named this site as Digital Flux as today we are lives in post human world where technology gives huge impact to our daily life and internet is not an option anymore. To go online, not only browsing but also communicate with friends, check public transportation timetable, taxi booking, accessing works place or university, studying, assignment submission even order delivery groceries and foods everything connect to internet!

From what I’ve seen technology and Internet are become broaden than ever and without realizing it become part of our life. As I stated, living in a world beneath of humans’ curiosity and what humans’ needs and desirable to live with their knowledge and keep searching which where everything made is just another humans’ invention. Now we stand in the world that uses technology and interaction of technology, which counts as an era of posthuman where technology seems has boundless potential. One of the greatest and most obvious example form from high technology and the broaden Internet connection is social network. Moreover when all of mobile phone connected to Internet with all unlimited social network apps which is broad in worldwide with which show how boundless does the technology is.

Before we talk more about it, I want to share about Web 2.0. The appearance of Web 2.0, where its concept support the network as a platform for sharing information within Internet in worldwide. Cited from wikipedia that “Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators (prosumers) of user-generated content in a virtual community, in contrast to websites where users (consumers) are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them. To find out more about Web 2.0 you guys can check this video:

In relevant to Web 2.0 that support information sharing which provide web services like social media and lots applications. Cited from Juan Martin Prada’s journal issue 14 2009 “The fact that the central axis of Web 2.0 today is the production and management of social networks proves that it brings together social and economic production. Companies on the new Web try to produce social life, human relations, in an extremely profitable strategy that does not distinguish among the economic, emotional, political and cultural. The design of forms of human relations comprises the instrumental base of production. The new businesses of today are the new economy of the immaterial.” The greatest example is Social Network.

Cited from Wikipedia “A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. A social network service consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/her social links, and a variety of additional services. Most social network services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging.Online community services are sometimes considered as a social network service, though in a broader sense, social network service usually means an individual-centered service whereas online community services are group-centered. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks.”

To me social network is a place or a platform where we create a profile of our true identity; like our own background, interest, hobbies, activities, sharing and connect to all of our friends around the world. Started with Friendster (the biggest social network site that become famous in Asia since 2002) then MySpace (the biggest social network site that become famous in US since 2003) but then since Facebook born in 2004 which become broaden and really strong because they keep on expands more moorrreeee features. From what I observed and experienced that most of social network apps have a purpose to connect people such as kindergarten to elementary to junior even senior high school and classmate in university and collages from work all of them to stay connected. In relevant, I found how does social network become broaden and impact our networking online, as stated that “online social networks are no substitute for face-to-face interactions. Their strength lies in allowing you to collect information about the network you already have. The technology lifts the veil off preexisting relationships when connections hidden or lost over time are suddenly revealed. It also allows you to extend your network to individuals who are just outside your personal network but with whom you share common friends, colleagues, and ideas. Social networks provide the tools to control the information flow between you and your network, and can help you yield more from your relationships with other people. Imagine how amplifying your ability to connect with people and maintain relationships could create a competitive advantage and higher  economic performance for you and your company.” (Powell, J 2010)  Which is shown in each social network site or apps, they have their own community to share their activities and interests which broaden our network. I cited this from book called What is Social Networking and Why should you care? By Juliette Powell.

Based from my experienced, here the top ten social network that become really famous and have very fun features today are: FacebookTwitterWordPressTumblrFlickrPinterestFoursquareG+Instagram, and Path. From what I’ve experienced and observed that Facebook is the platform where we create our true identity to socializing and stay connected to all our schools’+work’s friends; Twitter is the place update your activities or post your thought or what you experience which is fun and here you also get the status update from all people/artists/celebrities/magazine/all the user that you follow; WordPress is the platform for people who love to write and intensify their typography about their life/ideas/inspiration/hobby etc; Tumblr is similar to WordPress but Tumblr is more to share videos/music/photos/arts/writing/films where everyone able to like/share/reblogged form anyone; Pinterest is the platform all about sharing inspiration and ideas that shows on images from worldwide and we can pinned what we like and save it as our interest of ideas; Foursquare is the platform that sharing about places like restaurant/cafe/any place we visit, we can checked in to places and share it to friends; G+ is similar to facebook but its more connected to our email; Instagram is the platform where you share images with instant editing in different filters they provide; And Path is the social network that’s more personal and private. What amazed that today all the social network sites and apps are connected to each other ~ likewise in WordPress, each site has their own widget to share to many different other social network site.

Let’s jump to the core of what I’ve seen and realized. It is the only word that get me on board to this world that uses discrete values, digital, whom apparently become a new culture in this digitalization age. Start from digital clock, digital SLR camera, digital art, digital electronics, digital video, digital photography, digital recording……..yes it is a digital revolution.

Come toward me as an end-user from any computer interaction or any application, I am a consumer and as a consumer I am using of what they provide to us. Since I lived far away from home, so then I explores different kind of social network applications that I can access easily from my phone. I know that I can use facebook, but when too many people use facebook and made me feel like I don’t have any privacy anymore to update my status, till I get my twitter account to update my status. Turned out, I found that twitter is really fun for status update, beside to get status update from celebrities and any other famous people/company, I can also use the hashtaf features. I don’t know but I think they are who invent had brilliant idea for this digital age. When you tweet about something and you include the hashtag where people in worldwide can read what you write and shared. Of course it is works very well to expand the news or gossips. But still, not long after that I found Foursquare where I can checked in on every place I visit. To me, for personal use it’s kind of helpful so if we can track places we’ve been visit but what annoyed me is when many people use it so I don’t have my privacy. Still not long after that, I found Instagram. First thing I found this application, I get bothered because it is not fair that people ~ amateur people~ can use the filter effects like what I took with toy camera that cost more than you took from your mobile phone! Someway, in the end I get addicted to it. Since I REALLY LOVE taking pictures, so I have Instagram more than like my diary. It started as a personal used. But since, Instagram connected to twitter and tumblr which where I can use hashtag to filter my personal ‘journal’ and turned out we can get follower from worldwide that have same interest like us (which I found interesting). After round a year I used Instagram, I started realized that this is called digitized images.

Thus my online identity assignment are inspired from my experience as a user using different type social network that is draw part of me. Just say when you post photos on flickr/intagram or how you set up profile and update status on your facebook or twitter or what you follow and reblog on tumblr/wordpress/blogspot or what you pin and upload on your pinterest…every single thing you did on your social network site is truly show yourself interest that made present your online identity.

Not only in here because I live abroad, but also in my own country I just couldn’t stop exploring places and taking picture of it. To me it’s something really precious where I can find the sense of state within places. Likewise most of this unit’s assignments are about, which is kind of challenging when you have to be personal and do research and put references 😀 So here is the map of Melbourne and I edit them on Photoshop and yes I do export it as GIF images 🙂

To find out more about my online identity assignment please click this map and enjoy!

*PS: This site dedicated for my friends (specially dmj, mvv, fct, ne, ten, bk, mhz, rt & amc) and the place where we grew up together within certain time. Now on you can keep on update in every corner of our city, Melbourne 🙂


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