In some way this game called Bitizen is one of my inspiration.


















Cited from

Bitizens are purely two dimensional beings, standing about 16 or 17 pixels high on average, though posts on Bitbook mention characters 20 pixels tall.

Each Bitizen has a unique appearance derived from a large set of possible skin colors, hair colors, clothing colors, and accessories. Each Bitizen that lives in the tower can be redressed at will through their character panel for free. Though their skin and hair colors will remain, hair styles and all of their clothes and accessories will be re-randomized. Bitizens can be further customized with the use of purchasablecostumes, for the price of a small handful of Tower Bux. Both these functions are useful for Color Coding.


ConstructionWorker1.png Debbie Long.png Sam Kim.png DeliveryMan1.png Minnie Rogers.png Virgil Johnson.png Celebrity1.png Antonio Woods.png BigSpender1.png Alice Barnett.png Beth Wright.png RealEstateAgent1.png


There is even a tute to male your own Bitizen!


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