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As technology developing as today, we are getting use by how it influences our life and how we influences technology. Living in a world beneath of humans’ curiosity and what humans’ needs and desirable to live with their knowledge and keep searching which where everything made is just another humans’ invention. Now we stand in the world that uses technology and interaction of technology, which counts as an era of posthuman where technology seems has boundless potential.

Of what I’ve seen and observe the unity of the human subject himself or herself that human as always counts as human being that lived in human nature. Humans’ reflective thought, mind, needs and curiosity are still based from humanities. As Harpham stated in his argument on interdisciplinary science review where ”…the traditional understanding of the human that is implicitly held by humanists, human beings have capabilities that animals and machines do not, and each discipline in the humanities takes as its province one of those capacities — literary studies, the capacity for articulate expression; history, the capacity for self-determined action; philosophy, the capacity for reflective thought. All humanities disciplines focus almost exclusively on textual language, the phenomenon in which the human difference is most clearly marked.” ( Harpham, G.C, 2012), support my intention of what I’ve applied to the self-portrait. Even though today we live in this post human world, as human we have capabilities in every aspect in our life and our humanity. How technology could do and manipulate things, but everything is always depend of what the purpose and what the needs. Technology still based on human, so does the posthuman.

Come toward me to have a chance to use one of the human’s inventions, digital camera, to produce a self-portrait and how to deal with it. Speaking for myself of what I wanted to see and what I want truly lives is always a reality and the nature of reality itself. I did photograph self-portrait of myself and by myself with my equipment (DSLR, remote, external speedlite, tripod with 24mm focal length). I chose the plain background to express that it is only me that matter in the frame with the medium shot and a tight headroom. I didn’t use any makeup because I prefer to do it on photoshop, where I found how helpful photoshop tools (technology) able to create an instant way for a simply touch up of makeup.

Come to post production process, I decided to retouch a little bit of my face by using soften, sharpen and artistic filter then I touch up some make up like eye-shadow, eye-liner and lipstick. I intended to express the sense of relation between me (human) inside digitally studio (technology) as in I was standing in a place that shown a boundary but limitless. At the beginning, I was intended to create the photograph to be pixilated but it will reduce the detail of the portrait form, so then I decided to apply the filter instead. I used some artistic filter to create the texture for the background and I also cover another filter for overall image to make the photograph looks like a drawn painting which is shown how it divide each pixels but still mimicked the real form of the subject and in a way, it is also fulfill of what I am desire to be to make it look like a drawing since I can not draw.

In a way the scientists’ inventions and developing technology aim to help humans’ life. Also help how humans interact with the system and how the system interacts with humans. I believe as long as we know what we need to survive our live, we must be wise to use and control ourselves interact with developing technology surrounding us.


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  • Voruz, V 2010, ‘Psychoanalysis at the Time of the Posthuman: Insisting on the Outside-Sense’, Paragraph, Vol.33 Issue 3, p423-443, 21p, 6 September 2012, Academic Research Complete.

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