Inside Out

I took these photographs using Auto Exposure Bracketing tools in my DSLR, I set them -2, 0, +2 exposure to prepare HDR in post production process in Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Decreased -2 stop exposure

Neutral 0 stop exposure

Increased +2 stop exposure

And I put them all together and processed them in Adobe Photoshop because I prefer to adjust the layer mask opacity manually rather using the automatic HDR in Adobe Bridge or Lightroom or Photoshop. This is how I adjust and process HDR using layer mask.

Layers method


This is one of my favorite assignment in this subject, where I have to photograph of architecture interior which has personal question with myself and also has to respond to this thought-provoking quote:



In life there always time to says goodbye. People come and leave. The only thing that last is memory. In some way the places brought us to the reminiscence, and come what may it would attached to ourselves. Here I took a photograph of my friend’s bedroom, as this place is the most authentic place that has personal connection with me in this city and represents domestic interior that has been influenced by domestic lives. Surprisingly, not for the first – second but until now every time I came visit, this place always makes me feel reminiscence yet strange but comfortable and relaxed. Where I was about gain myself up and adjusting myself into the new places, friends and systems; I found new friend that I know would stay in this city and this place is also the place that I gain more memory in this city. As often as I came here, in some way I see how others live their domestic lives, thus I take a look around how does this place intrigued me with the sense of this place where each element symbolized the meaning of the interior. The headless teddy bear, monkey with green wig, vintage headset, floral umbrella, surf board and the fake tropical leaf represents the symbolic relationship of domestic lives with domestic interior reflects to another. Yet the wallpaper gives the reminiscence of my room back home. In a way, this place makes me feel like a magical space.

As noted in Oxford dictionary of Geography, “sense of place is either the intrinsic character of a place or the meaning people give to it, but, more often, a mixture of both. Some places are distinctive through their physical appearance. Others are distinctive, but have vale attached to them. A final element is our own experience of that place”.

Without realizing the space we lived in is essentially represent both a person’s identity and their individuals’ view. The objects surround the room/building is simply showing who we are. When you just moved in to a new place, you’d do anything to make it comfortable and made you feel safe, which when and where you find yourself started to communicate and building a relationship between your personal feelings and tastes within the inner space that presents interior.  Once you get familiar with the place, there you start create memories and get attached because you build your territory which is personally how you live your domestic lives. In each days, the position of interior changing as the time goes by. Sometimes we left it disorganized, sometimes too organized. We live in contemporary with continuity moments and in someway it leads to our lifestyle of how we adjust ourselves to the system. In a way domestic interior influenced by our domestic lives and our domestic lives influenced by domestic interior.


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