Online Identity

Melbournism Spot Map

My online identity assignment, Melbournism Spot is consist photographs of places that portray how I see myself on each social media that I often use like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Path. Almost every aspect in my daily life are there,since likely I take pictures where I get the sense of self on each places when I get the sense of self and for the final result to viewer is to get the sense of place. Instagram and Path are just like my diary, all things I’ve seen or experienced always posted there (for the record, I link my Instagram and Path account to Twitter and Tumblr). Then, after I realized and from what people(another users that follows me through hashtag) sees me as the explorer. In a way, it is also about my private life and publicness. Based on my daily life and my condition at the moment, Melbourne is the place that I lived in for the past 3years, thus everytime I took pictures in Melbourne area, I always put the hashtag #melbournism where I found the sense of place of Melbourne itself. These places I called Melbournism Spot which is the concept of my online identity is about.

Come towards to my method to fulfill this concept is that I went out to retake some places and go to the places I haven’t took. I was struggled deciding which kind of camera that I’m going to use, then now because my base concept is founded by using Instagram, so I finally decided to represent all the photographs through images that I took from my mobile phone. Related to the digital era, back then when we were taking photograph using films and print them on paper, exclude all the photography composition etc, what makes the photograph beautiful is also come from the papers’ texture. Then in this digital era, I realized what is so amusing and get me addicted to use Instragram is that this application has its own sensor to divide the range contrast of each pixel and tonal range color, which makes the image has a digitized noisy and pixelated texture that is beautiful.

This map below is the depiction of places that I took picture of. On this GIF map that divided onto 3 part that I called map left, middle and right. On each maps there are different squares that show places I’ve been photograph for this assignment. I also decided to create another blog on Tumblr to represent the pictures I took to be on the white space that separate the images and texts. Click this to see Digitized Flux on Tumblr 🙂


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